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I'm passionate about giving dogs the best start in life and I am very happy to be part of the UK network of tutors that is Puppy School ( We offer fun, reward based training classes aimed at teaching your pup basic obedience as well as equipping them with life skills to develop confidence as they grow. Our classes are family friendly and we encourage everyone who is involved with the pup to come along. We only use kind, modern methods of training (no pain, no force and no fear). You are always welcome to view a class ahead of booking (please let me know in advance).

About Me - Hannah

I studied Canine Behaviour graduating from Plumpton College and The British College of Canine Studies with Distinction. I am a qualified member of the ABTC and PPG (see below). Through Puppy School, I also received training from leading UK behaviourist and  author of 'The Perfect Puppy' Gwen Bailey ( I am committed to continuous professional development and attend supplemental courses every year to ensure my knowledge is always at the cutting edge of dog training theory.

In addition to Puppy School I train assistance dogs for a national charity where I train dogs to help people with physical disabilities. Some of the amazing things our dogs do include: opening and closing doors, retrieving objects such as phones, keys and clothing, raising the alarm in an emergency and taking items off a shelf in the supermarket. Please let me know if you'd like more information about the amazing work of the charity.

At home, I hang out with my Golden Retriever Arlow (pictured) who is an ex-assistance dog and loves to keep up with all his training. I also have two cats who I've also clicker trained to do various tricks. I hope you choose Horsham Puppy School to give your pup the best start in life.

I am pleased and proud to be a qualified and registered Animal Training Instructor through the Animal  Behaviour & Training Council. This means I have attained the required study, training and standards to be recognised by this regulatory body.  For more information please visit their website 

Edition Dog Magazine

I'm proud to be a contributing author of articles and features to Edition Dog Magazine. Contribitions include 'The Puppy Blues', 'Social Hit and Run' and 'Treat Your Dog Like a Child'. For more information visit

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I am a full member of the Pet Professional Guild (British Isles) and am qualified to teach and asses the Pet Dog Ambassador Scheme.

Nature's Menu

Puppy School is proudly supported by Nature's Menu. I am qualified through them to advise on any aspect of raw feeding, please let me know if you'd like more information.

Nature's Menu produce real, wholesome food, free of artificial colours and flavourings. The natural, raw food is a complete, balanced and nourishing diet that your dog will love. 

Sign up to our classes and receive £15 off your first order (minimum spend applies). For more information please visit

First Aid Trained

I have completed and passed a dog first aid course with First Aid for Dogs. I renew my training every three years.